Broker sees bright future for Winfield, LOFS

Publication date: 03/06/1998 – Source: Winfield News
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Broker sees bright futures for Winfield, LOFS
By: Bob Burns

LAKES OF THE FOUR SEASONS - “I estimate that there are 2,500 lots in developed or potential subdivisions, ready for new homes,” says David Lasser of an area within three miles of Lakes of the Four Seasons main gate. 

“Figuring two-and-a-half persons per household, that’s a potential population growth of 6,250 persons in the next few years,” he said.

Lasser, president of Commercial In-Sites and sales broker for two commercial centers in Winfield, said this potential is a key factor in marketing Winfield and LOFS to retail and service businesses.

“A study of this market shows a 47-percent population growth form 1980 to 1990,” Lasser continued in an interview this past week, from 6,807 to 10,102.  The 1995 estimate is 11,140, he said, and the 2000 projection is 11,529 persons living within three miles of 109th Avenue and North Lake Shore Drive, the entrance to Lakes of the Four Seasons.

Fifty percent of that population lives in households with $50,000 or more annual income, the study showed.

“So called ‘Big Box’ stores are today’s trend, but many people miss the convenience and charm of local stores,” Lasser said.  “I think the price conscious priority will give way to allow both to exist.”

Internet shopping is great, but not for everyone, the commercial specialist said.

“This trend should be particularly true for an area like Winfield/LOFS because the next0closest commercial areas are at least 15 minutes away,” Lasser said.

Many retailers have sophisticated demographic and traffic count criteria, such as McDonald’s that has moved to Winfield and Walgreens, which is looking here, he said.

“Other companies say, ‘If McDonald’s feels there is a market here, then there must be a market for them, as well,” he noted.

Winfield Square, which Commercial In-Sites represent, “Is now 100-percent leased,” he said, with Boz’s Place taking a 3,000 square foot space and a general practice medical office ready to announce in a few days it is taking a similar area for an office.

Dr. Arlyn Jacobus also has leased a former dance studio space in Four Seasons Plaza,” Lasser reported.

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