Merrillville Dairy Queen seeking new owner

May 28, 2008
By Piet Levy Post-Tribune staff writer

MERRILLVILLE -- For months, the sign has said it will reopen in the spring.

But spring has been here for a while and yet the Dairy Queen at 1401 E. 82nd Ave. is still closed.

Owner Suman Das, who also operates a Dairy Queen near Valparaiso University, said her Merrillville location will remain closed while she searches for a new owner, which she hopes to find by August.

That's when a contract with Dairy Queen will lapse and the company will charge a new licensing fee, said Todd Elliott, sales broker at Merrillville-based Commercial In-Sites.

Elliott said the company is seeking renovations at the site that would cost around $100,000. He said they're seeking a buyer willing to pay for those renovations and pay the lease.

If purchased by August, the new owner or owners would initially sidestep the six-figure franchisee fee.

"The equipment's all there, ready to go," Elliott said.

Das, who has owned the Merrillville location for eight years, said she's selling it because she had trouble finding proper labor.

Anyone interested in purchasing the Dairy Queen can contact Elliott at 795-1100.

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